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TAG Heuer named a "genius" watch brandFirst published: 20-11-2009TAG Heuer's resolve for digital media garnered the biggest distinction among luxury replica watch brands in a new ranking system provided by the L2 Luxury Lab on the NYU Stern School of economic replica watches . The Digital IQ study, the initial of its kind, measured the potency of different companies' "digital competence" with each organisation assigned an electronic IQ value and also the corresponding description of genius, gifted, average, challenged or feeble. Watch manufacturer TAG Heuer came 8th out of 109 luxury brands, rendering it the sole timepiece company to get branded a genius. TAG Heuer declared that by placing an appearance of benefits in the middle with the business - namely its replica watches - the organisation asserted it carries on stand "among our planet's best luxury brands". He continued: replica how much is a rolex watch worth "We are clearly very satisfied with this recognition. But first and foremost, were even more than 'geniuses' or even the 'best in class'. We're also TAG Heuer." TAG Heuer is in all likelihood most popular due to the Monaco watch replica hublot watches australia , which was extremely popular among fashion designers including Steve McQueen. replica cheap mont blanc pens watches
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